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Daily Bread 2-22-19

1 Timothy 3:8

Likewise must the deacons be grave, not doubletongued, not given to much wine, not greedy of filthy lucre;

So many times today, we seek out "positions" and titles. We seek them for various reasons but many times we forget the responsibilities that come along with these titles and positions. Many go about wanting power or to Lord over others, or even to find financial gain. Either way, the expectation of special treatment is usually included in these desires. What we need to realize with the positions and the callings in the Church is that they are not positions that can be gained, it is a calling. Each and every position in the Church is a calling from God. Many men love to stand behind the congregation and shush the babies, and walk the parking lots, but what about the Spiritual qualifications and the actual calling? What we must realize is that the office of a deacon cannot be earned unless God calls us to it. It is not a babysitter position or a custodial position, it is a Spiritual calling from God that does include certain responsibilities in the Church and on the grounds. In this, we must also realize that the office does not give the right to back talk, correct, or replace the minister. This is not a paying job or a career but a calling. It does not come with special treatment but with much responsibility. Fact is, all who are obedient and faithful are eligible for all of the gifts of God. And the reward? The paycheck? Eternal life. So, when seeking out "positions" or "titles" in the Church let us ask ourselves this; What does the Bible tell me that I need to successfully carry out this responsibility? If we come up short of this we need to pray and believe. If it is to be our calling, God will not deny us. There are very few sins that are not forgiven and if we come to God in humility he will abundantly pardon and prepare us for his calling. If we have ought or do not agree with the direction of the leadership of the Church from our savior Jesus Christ on down the ranks to the place in which we feel called to serve, we need to stay away until that ought or offense has been cleared up. If we are in disagreement with the gospel being preached, we cannot effectively help the Church. If we do not agree with the leadership, including in these men, President, Vice President, and the Board of Directors, the Minister, we do not belong holding a position under their authority. This also includes Board members and Ministers, their wives, and all men and women in the Church. God will not call a disobedient and double talking man to serve under the authority of someone that he despises. In this we are excluded from holding position in the Church. So, when we feel that we are called to this great and rewarding calling by God, let us examine ourselves, and make sure that we have let the Lord make our pathway clean so that we can be the men that he has called us to be. God is a just God and he will give us all that we need to complete our calling. His will be done in all things. God is good! Have a great day!!

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