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Daily Bread 12-3-18

Romans 4:20

He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God;

How often we wish to have the benefits that these holy men had but we soon forget the faith that they had. Faith beyond all reason and doubt. Abraham had faith in so many promises of God, not only that God could perform but also that God would make him capable of performance as well. You see, when God calls us to something, in carnal eyes it is going to look difficult or impossible. But in Spiritual eyes, all things are possible. We must only believe the same way that Abraham believed. We must push out the doubts and fears that hold us back and let God move in us. In this scripture Abraham was about a hundred years old, and Sarah's womb had dried up long ago. But God told them that they would conceive and bare the son that they were praying for. Abraham didn't scoff or doubt, he went forward with his wife and they bore that child. What are our excuses when God reveals his promise to us or calls us to a holy calling? I am not ready, I have to get this done first, I don't know enough, I need to get closer to God, that's impossible....... The list can go on and on and only because we do not have faith enough to believe that he is in us and that we can perform, in him, all that God has promised us and called us to. There is a reason that we have this wonderful word to read about Abraham. He believed in a tougher time and in more dire circumstances than we will ever be required to believe........or did he? What about the body that is dying of cancer but the soul that remains strong? What about those who endure to the end even though the world says that they need to go a different direction. We read of these great stories and say, I will never have that kind of faith. The problem is that we will have more faith and we do not even realize it. We do not have the burning bush and the voices coming down out of the heavens, we have to believe in a savior that we cannot see and that does not speak with a carnal voice. We have the capabilities of doing all things pertaining to godliness but we must rely on Jesus Christ to help us along the way. We must pray and pray and pray and watch the results and the effects of our prayers and believe that God has heard our prayers. Just like Abraham. Let's move forward from a people filled with doubts and fears to a people that are confident in all the God has shown us to do and the people that he has created us to be. Let us not stagger in unbelief, but let us become strong in faith, being full convinced or persuaded that what God has promised us or called us to, he is able to perform, and so are we. With this Spirit within us and Christ around us we have all the power that we need to complete this journey on this earth and move on into eternity! Have a great day!!!

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