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Daily Bread 11-8-18

Matthew 13:18

Hear ye therefore the parable of the sower.

ref. - Mk 4:14 - The sower soweth the word.

Lk 8:11 - Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.

We are exposed to many things as we follow God's great master plan for our lives. We are exposed to miracles, healings, salvation, and most of all, we are given the opportunity each day to check ourselves and see if God's wisdom dwells within us, or if it is just something planted by man. If the understanding is not in us it is not something to be ashamed of but rather to own up to, and to ask God for the gift. In this scripture Christ had just told the disciples the parable of the sower. To ordinary men it was just a story about a farmer planting a crop and the outcome of the seed that he spread about. But in the realm of Jesus Christ, the spiritual realm, it was a story of how the word of God would be dispensed and that not every place where it is planted would it prosper. The reasons why there was failure to produce were given in the parable. And, as Jesus explained to his disciples, the spiritual understanding of these sayings or parables were not for the non-believer to understand (v13). These disciples were also just entering in to this mighty gospel and learning as they grew. They did not try to manufacture understanding, they asked Jesus Christ himself, "What does this mean?" They asked him for understanding. He did not hold back from them but gave them an explanation in which they could understand. But he did tell them of the importance of seeking this understanding. He was not going to stop giving these parables and if they were to grow, and to flourish spiritually they would need to be given the gift to understand these things. Today, we as well, should check ourselves and see if we truly understand the signs and parables that are put before us today. Do we need to lean unto someone with understanding each day? If so, and I do not think that there is one of us that doesn't lack in the area of understanding, do we pray for spiritual understanding so that we can look into the word of God and understand it's true meaning. It is not just stories about an ark, or a cross, or a burning bush, or etc....... In each scripture throughout the Bible there is hidden meaning, spiritual meaning that far outweighs any understanding that can be taught by worldly scholars and earthy men. It must be discerned spiritually and understood with the eyes of the Holy Spirit of God. Today, we must seek to become obedient and faithful to the word of God and sanctify our lives so that this understanding will be planted in us. Again, it is not a shameful thing to seek Gods help daily in Jesus Christ(Give us this day our daily bread) as these disciples, even after Christ died on that cross, needed him to come back for forty days and explain the rest to them. We will not stop asking for his help daily until we have no more days left in us, and he will never, never, never leave us begging for bread if we come to the table which God has prepared for us. And the head of that table is a chair that is filled by Jesus Christ!!! The same yesterday!! Today!! and Forever!!! Have a great day!!!

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