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Daily Bread 10-11-18

Mark 7:17

And when he was entered into the house from the people. his disciples asked him concerning the parable.

ref. - Mt 15:15 - Then answered Peter and said unto him, Declare unto us this parable.

We all search for understanding and comfort in God's word but how many of us actually pray and ask God for the answers? Even the disciples asked questions when they faced or heard something that they did not understand. So, if they were humble enough to say, "we don't understand", then why do we pass over the things that we do not understand or try to seek the answer from worldly methods and carnal men? As we follow this "blueprint" for our lives that we call the Gospel of Christ, we are going to find many things that are not clear to us, words that we do not understand, things that are outside of our own carnal thinking. In this we must pray for understanding and direction. Without spiritual understanding of the scripture we will struggle around every corner. Only knowing partly what he has for us to know and only obedient to the things that our carnal minds can understand. This is why Christ spoke in parables. So that men who did not come to him and ask for understanding would read and not understand. His desire us is for us to become spiritual followers and leave the carnal behind. So, the conclusion that we can come to on this is that praying for God's spiritual understanding is not an option in our lives but it is a necessity. And, as we can see, even the closest followers of Christ had to have many things explained to them. In this day we can pray for understanding and God will help us in many ways. No, Christ himself is not going to sit with us and explain, but through many different ways he will help us. First, and most importantly of all, we need to follow the path that leads us to baptism of the Holy Spirit. This will give us an internal understanding of what his words mean and what God's will is in our lives. But until we receive this we are given many different helps. God will communicate to us through someone who does have the Holy Ghost, our Bibles have a perfect reference system to help us around our Bible, and we also have a great Church where, when we have questions, God dwells and communicates to us when we come together. Remember, where two or three are gathered, there I am in the midst!! So, as we grow in Christ and in his understanding let us not grow tired of asking him for help. That is his purpose in our lives, to guide us on into eternity!!! And if we ask, he will answer!!!! Have a great day!!!!

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