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Daily Bread 6-1-18

1 Timothy 3:8

Likewise must the deacons be grave, not doubletongued, not given to much wine, not greedy of filthy lucre;

This is instruction from the Apostle Paul to Timothy on how to select a deacon. today we appoint anyone who is capable of sweeping a sidewalk and we wonder why our Churches are not prospering Spiritually. As well, the men that are taking these offices are taking them without being qualified to perform the Spiritual aspect of the office. We can look at this from the Ministers standpoint and also the layman who is standing in position to be appointed. Either way, the qualifications are the same. Rather than preaching that we need help and learning that the best way to help is to be a deacon, we need to preach the gospel of the cross of Christ and let men be filled with the Spirit that is necessary to fulfill the calling of deacon. Otherwise we are just setting someone up for failure. Here are our questions, either way we look, from the deacon or the minister;

Is the deacon serious about the things of the Church? Does he not only have a willingness to provide physical labor but moreso Spiritual help to the Church?

Does he realize that his job is not to question the authority of the minister or to talk back, but to be obedient and support the way he is being led. Also to be in parallel with what is being taught through the gospel? Is he in it for the authority or the position so that he can be revered and looked up to? It is not about him, it is about his service to the Church and to his Minister.All honor and glory goes to the Father above. If the deacon is being led properly by the Minister he is already focused on God and the Gospel. Does he look at this position as a tool to get him earthly gain? To be served rather than to serve? To prosper rather than to help others prosper? This is not a job to take if we are found without what this scripture calls for. From both ways it is service. We serve the minister as a deacon, and we serve the people as a deacon, also the Church. It is a calling, not a job. If we are looking for anything other than to fulfill our calling by being obedient to the way that the scripture leads it will end in failure and we will be left outside looking in . Just as there are many instructors and very few Fathers in the Church, there are also very few deacons. It is an honorable service and the rewards are heavenly, but we must pray and receive the necessary gifts in order to carry it out. So, as a minister do not set your men up for failure by giving them a position in which they are not qualified or able. And men of God, do not seek for a position, but seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and the calling and correct position will be given you through the Holy Spirit of God. This scripture also shows the requirements of the wife of the deacon so let's not get the purpose of a man and a woman upside down just because they are there and there is an open position. Just as a man cannot fulfil the scriptures in childbirth, neither can a woman fulfill the callings that were made for the man. Let all things be done decently and in order as according to the scriptures and our Ministers and Deacons will be Spiritually gifted by God and perfectly able to lead in the capacity in which they have been called. Have a great day!!!

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