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Daily Bread 5-12-18

Romans 14:17

For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

ref. - 1 Co 8:8 - But meat commendeth us not to God: for neither, if we eat, are we the better; neither, if we eat not, are we the worse.

All else is vanity. It is not about who can do the most, or contribute the most, or even stand the longest, it is about what we have in our inner most being. It is bout the soul. If there is no peace inside we can only act it out for so long and then the turmoil will rise. God doesn't want us to serve him for what we can achieve on this earth, he wants us to serve him so that he can give us peace and righteousness. Well, this goes against what 90 percent off so-called Churches are preaching today. We are now being taught about physical action, monetary gain, and a set of rules. But not here. No, this is where the falsehood and gainsaying stops, and the truth is told. We are not serving God so that we may prosper in the eyes of men. We are serving God because that is where we receive our peace and that is where we are transformed into decent human beings that can actually live in righteousness. Whether we are life long "Church goers" or the biggest donors to the Church it will not bring peace and righteousness. Only repentance from the heart and a true salvation can bring peace, and in that peace will dwell righteousness. What this means his that when we are not living or acting in righteousness our peace will leave us and we will be empty. Turmoil and trials will fill our lives rather than the peace when we were living obedience to God's will. The only way to return to that peace is to get back behind Christ where we belong. When we are living, from the soul, in obedience and parallel to God's will there will be righteousness, peace, and joy! So let us pass by the gainsayers and false prophets that only speak of our carnal possessions and power and let's move forward into the things that God has for us. First repentance, in which we will receive forgiveness or remission of sins, baptism or the washing away of sins, then let us let the word of God and our willingness to become obedient find us sanctified, then we can next be filled with the Holy Ghost in which we will find all of the things mentioned in this scripture. Peace, righteousness, and joy!! Have a great day!!!

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