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Daily Bread 5-8-18

Hebrews 6:7

For the earth which drinketh in the rain that come oft upon it, and bringeth forth herbs meet for them by whom it is dressed, receiveth blessing from God:

Rise up and shout praises to the Lord children! We have a risen saviour that will bless us!! He daily gives us the rain that we need to be nourished Spiritually and carnally! And those who take it and drink it will bring forth many herbs that will lead us into eternity!! If we use the seeds given by God, the everlasting fountains of water flowing from within that Jesus Christ gives us, and use the herbs(gifts) that God produces through us to dress our Spritual wounds and nourish our souls as well as the souls of others we will be blessed!! All praise to God in the highest!! Thank you Jesus Christ for this rain!! We must use only the rain that Christ has given us to become fruitful in our season! This season is now and the rain is available, we just need to look toward him and not try to feed ourselves from another fountain. There is no other name by which we will find favor in the Lord our God than that of Jesus Christ!! It is true, it is written, and it is for us in this season!! So let us drink from the fountain of life in Jesus Christ and see as he produces herbs in us. Salt that will not lose its savour, and medicinal herbs that will bring about healing and nutrition! Our fruit that we bring forth must be the fruits that God is looking for and the ones that he has given through us. How do we learn what these fruits or herbs are? We open our Bibles daily and read about him and his promises. The prosperity that our earthly minds and bodies are looking for will only come as blessing in those that take care of their souls first! The center of the garden must be pure and then the fruit that comes from it will be sweet, the herbs will be flavorful and useful, and we will be that sweet smelling savor to God the Christ told us we could be!! Have a great day!!!

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