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Daily Bread 4-10-18

Luke 6:31

And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

Very simple lesson today and still a commandment of Christ. It comes from our instruction to love our enemies, and to do good to them that hate us(Lk 6:27). If we want to be attacked, then by all means attack. But in this we go against the command that we have been given to seek peace with all men(Heb 12:14). This verse also includes that we seek holiness as well so going to their side of the fence to bring peace is also not an option. We must learn and be transformed to men and women who can find a way to treat others as we want to be treated and not jeopardize our own holiness to achieve it. If we cannot do this, in the end it will not be the enemy that loses this battle but us. We are not out to gather the approval of ungodly men, or even godly men for that matter. The word of God says that in being holy and obedient we will gain that anyhow. We are looking for the approval and eventually the eternal life that only God can give. So, we must once again lean away from what the world has taught us and lean into what Christ has shown us, taught us, and delivered from his Father to us. If we want to find peace within ourselves we must become obedient and become the Spiritual people that we are supposed to be. We must bring peace to others. If we want love, we must give love. Now we may not receive the same love back, or even the same peace, but our peace comes from above and the love that we seek comes from the Lord. This is what makes us different. We must be different in the aspect that when the enemy wants us to lose our patience or our tempers that we rather do something peaceful. It throws him off, confuses him, and in the end it will defeat him. All in all, we must think this to ourselves; How do I want this to occur and how do I want it to end. You see, it is not about the fight or the argument, it is about the solution. As we grow in Christ we are also to grow into adults in understanding. Let us not give the enemy what he expects, but let us give the enemy what Jesus gave us. In Christ, all things are possible!!! Have a great day!!!

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