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Daily Bread 1-23-18

The Sermon on the mount

Matthew 5:17

Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am come not to destroy but fulfill.

ref. - Ro 10:4 - For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.

Up until the point that Christ was on the earth, there was no one that had fulfilled the law. Somewhere along the way, mistakes were made, sins were committed, the wrong animal was slain, the wrong apparel was worn, the law was broken. It would be like asking any one who reads this if they have ever broken the laws of this land? There is not one who can honestly ay that they have never broken law. Well, as proof that God did not make a mistake and that his ways were righteous and good, Jesus Christ came along and fulfilled the law. But not in the ways that they expected. He fulfilled the law God's way and not necessarily the way that they and hater law had become. He did show them a different way of achieving the same things. Rather than dwelling on their physical actions and letting their inner parts stay rotten, he showed them how to be transformed and altered inside through the Spirit of God so that those laws would be written inside their minds and put into their hearts. Rather than having to act they would actually have righteousness in them. In order to do this their priorities had to change and this is where many would not accept him. Even today, there have been many who have heard and preached false doctrine for so long that they don't know how to get it out of them. They can put on an act for awhile but the filth is still in them. Pretty soon, when they run out of material that goes with the teachings of Christ, or they get bored of it, they bring out what they call the "old" path. These ways are good but if there is no Spirit within us we can never remain clean of them. This is why Christ came and fulfilled the scriptures. He showed us that he was the Son of God in that no one was able to walk here without sin and without guile in their mouths. He showed us that he could please God. Not in his own statements, but through God communicating when Jesus was baptized and on the mount with his disciples. He proved that he was perfect and pure, and in this we should know that he is the one to follow. But those who were stuck in their ways could not let go. These re the ones that he was first sent here to help. These are god's chosen who have gotten caught up in the actions of serving God and have not reached the Spirituality of it. Today, these scriptures still haunt those who are stuck in the law. They see no way out so they resort to the ritual rather than the Spiritual. Stating that "I know Christ taught this, but(paging back to the Old Testament) what about this?" The answer always to these questions is this; "Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?" "Do you believe that he was God's perfection walking the earth?" "Do you believe that he came here for you and I and died on that cross so that we could one day receive eternal life?" Their answers, if they are saved at all will all be yes, and so will yours today if you believe. So your answer to their question is this; Why would we not, in our efforts to understand God's will and live within the bounds of his grace and mercy, go to his words and his teaching in order to understand the writings of the prophets and the reasons for their actions and reactions? Why wouldn't we get our information on our own salvations from the one that created us and them? In Jesus Christ all things pertaining to God were fulfilled including the fact that he defeated death to show us that there was a power that God could give us that would even defeat death and that life everlasting was a real thing. His ways are what got him there because he had God's Spirit within him. Not to destroy, but to fulfill. Not to destroy, but to seek and save those which were lost(us). He is here to lead us to the promised land!! All we have to let him!!!! Have a great day!!!

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