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Daily Bread 11-16-17

James 5:8

Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.

ref. - Ph 4:5 - Let your moderation be known unto all men. the Lord is at hand.

The time is now and the time left is unknown so we had better find this gospel, learn of it, and stick to it. This scripture says "establish your hearts." In comparison, if you look at a restaurant that has been around for a period of time and has provided good service and good food we call it established. This is what James is urging them to do in this scripture and us to do today. We must realize that the time is short and that we need not go and live a life of inconsistency and sin and then repent on our last breath because we may not be able to. What we must find the courage and the strength to do is to begin our salvation with Christ now and become devoted to a heart that has been filled with good things. We remember that all good things come from above so no better place to go looking than in Jesus Christ. Our reference also says that we should also let others know that our lives have changed. Once we have become more established in our hearts, then we will not be on fire one day and back in sin the next. We will be constant and consistent in serving the Lord and in what our hearts have in them. God does not want his people to be cold one day and hot the next and then cold the next day. As our hearts are refreshed every day we are made to remain hot for the things of the Lord. Just as in our restaurant example, at first they made mistakes and one day the food was good, the next it was not so good. But then as they became more established, the food was more consistent, the service was better and stayed that way. The resturant was no longer just considered a restaurant but an establishment. In our hearts we have doubts sometimes and we are angry sometimes, we have weaknesses and faults. All that James was trying to get across is that we should always strive to always have good things in our hearts and to remain consistent in what we believe. Of course, the gospel that was brought to us in the beginning and confirmed and perfected in Christ is that gospel. Improvement and reaching our greatest God-given potential only will come when we become more consistent and grounded in the things that come from above. So, let's get to work and pray for this transformation so that when he comes we will not be the one left in the field. Stablish our hearts in the love of Christ. Have a great day!!!

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