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Daily Bread 10-19-17

Luke 9:13-17

13 But he said unto them, Give ye them to eat. And they said, We have no more but five loaves and two fishes; except we should go and buy meat for all this people.

14 For they were about five thousand men. And he said to his disciples, make them sit down by fifties in a company.

15 And they did so, and made them all sit down.

16 Then he took the five loaves and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he blessed them, and brake, and gave to the disciples to set before the multitude.

17 And they did eat, and were all filled: and there was taken up of fragments that remained to them twelve baskets.

ref. - Ps 145:15,16 - The eyes of all wait upon thee; and thou gives them their meat in due season. Thou openest thine hand, and satisfies the desire of every living thing.

As we read this scripture and pray to understand it, many things stand out. One being that the disciples had doubts that what Jesus had could satisfy the needs and the hunger of all of these men. They wanted to go to town and seek out their help elsewhere. Giving their faith and their allegiance to the ones who were selling the goods instead of the one who could perform the miracles. This was not a great sin and these were not bad men. They, just as we, had been raised in a carnal world. So many times in our lives when we look at a problem or a need, this speaking spiritually and soulfully, we find ourselves thinking that we need to seek out other help than that of Jesus Christ. The hurt is too strong, the guilt is too hard to bear, the impure thoughts are too strong, the effeminate(or masculine)ways are overtaking us, the addictions have our physical bodies, the disease is spreading, etc. In all of these things we go and seek out for other help when we have been given all in Jesus Christ. It says he is not only the author but the finisher of our faith. The word of God says that he is the fullness of the Godhead. We are complete in him. But we, rather, lean into our own understanding and end up going to others for our help that will guide us away from Christ. If we would just look into the scripture, our answers all lie in Jesus Christ. He did give his life on that cross so that we could even have knowledge that we can defeat death. Our bodies may not live on but our souls will live forever. So, when we read these scriptures of men wanting to go for outside help when the problem becomes overwhelming, we must look into it with our spiritual eyes and realize that just as Jesus fed five thousand men on five loaves and two fishes, having twelve baskets left over, he can also take care of us. This care will be given only if we stay within his presence and within God's will. We must make our prayers simple and let God have all power over our hearts, minds, and souls. Waiting on him to bring the answers. After all, the disciples, even though they were ready to head for town, brought their problem to the Lord and he showed them that outside help was not necessary. What God had provided would be more than enough! In Jesus Christ we have more than enough, so let us seek for the faith that, even when we are ready to seek outside help, we stop, and bring our cares to God in Jesus Christ. In him, and only him, are all things fulfilled in the eyes of his Father, and ours. Have a great day!!!

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