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Daily Bread 7-24-17

Proverbs 28:18

Whoso walketh uprightly shall be saved: but he that is perverse in his ways shall fall at once.

We are told throughout the gospel to walk uprightly. But what is uprightly? Aren't we told that we can't be perfect and that there is not one righteous man among us? The word of God is true in that there is no righteous man that walks among us. But what are we doing to try to get there? In the final judgment we must be as God planned it. We must be walking within his will and prepared to go to a place where there is no sin. In order to get there we must flee from sin and cling to the one who will get us in to eternity. This being Jesus Christ. The reason that we are on this earth is to prepare. We have been borrowed this failing, dying body as a vessel to carry around our soul. When we find a way to quit worrying about this body and start worrying more about the gift that is within it then we will begin to find the true meaning of walking uprightly. Will everything change in an instant? Maybe, maybe not. The timing of things is up to God, but one thing that holds true is the fact that we must be putting forth an effort to learn and become obedient to the things of God. Today we are told that, in the end, the ones who are walking within God's will and in accordance to the gospel that we have been given, will be saved. But those who have tried the easier, more carnal path, or have twisted the gospel to fit their own way of life, will fall at once. There will be no more preparation no more pleading and begging for mercy(well there may be but it will not be heard), and there will be no more time for repentance. You see, when Christ comes again, he will not be handing out roses, shaking hands, and kissing babies. No, the earth will be consumed by fire and darkness will fall upon all the land. The only thing that will remain is the souls that are walking within the boundaries that have been set by the teachings of Christ. A soul cannot be burned by fire, killed by cancer, or harmed in any way by the things that will destroy the human body and all the things on the earth. But it can be thrust into this fire and have to dwell there for eternity. This is the place called hell, and it is reserved for any and all souls who are not walking with Christ. So let us walk uprightly and be saved, as this is the will of God!! Have a great day!!!!

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