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Daily Bread 7-21-17

Psalm 90:3

Thou turnest man to destruction; and sayest, Return, ye children of men.

ref. - Ec 12:7 - Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

The body will wither away and only the soul shall remain. From birth, even the Doctors tell us that our body begins to die. Also, from birth, we are raised up in a world that will lead us to destruction. Our greatest trial is to be able to somehow have our souls ready for victory instead of defeat when that carnal destruction comes. You see, God did not plan to have us in this earthly body forever or he would not have caused us to age, and eventually, die. He created our bodies to be destroyed and for our souls to pass on to a greater place. Although the world will try to lead us toward it's vain ways of thinking and activity, we were called to a greater purpose. It is not a pleasant thought, but we are supposed to die. This must occur so that our Spirits will be released from this earthly prison and be able to be taken up to be with him. What we need to be careful with is how long we cling to the ways of the world and neglect the things of God. We have been called to a wonderful gospel, a heavenly calling if you will, of biblical proportions! Just as we are not to get too attached to the items and possessions of this world we are not also to get too attached to this body. God will come to reclaim what is his. What is up to us, is what shape we are in when he comes for it. The time is a mystery and according to scripture it will be when we least expect it(like a thief in the night). So let us pray like never before for the influx and intervention of God's Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us on into eternity. It will not be an easy transition for those who are too attached to worldly things, but it is possible if we follow Christ and allow him to transform us to the spiritual creatures that he is calling back! In short, he let the world have us for awhile, but he is coming back for what is his. Let the world take this body and let the Lord come and take our Spirits away!!!! Have a great day!!!

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