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Daily Bread 6-13-17

Matthew 10:23

But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another: for verily I say unto you, Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of man be come.

ref. - Matt 16:28 - Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.

No matter how right we are with God or how much wisdom and gifts we possess that come from Him, there will always be those who will oppose and persecute. Just as in the days that Christ walked the earth, it didn't matter how many people were healed, how many peoples lives were changed in some cities they ended up in revolt against him. Mostly in his own cities and where they knew him as a child. But in the midst of the persecution, and along the way, he picked up many followers and a group of disciples was formed. Not so far different than the way that our Church was founded and built today. As we read this message today we will realize that the way we are instructed by Christ to handle things is the proper way to do it. He did not stay in one place and allow the masses to persecute him or punish and torture him. He brought the gospel to all the people and helped and healed those who would believe. But as the mobs came out and the murderers came to get him, he conveniently and sometimes rapidly left the communities and went on to the next village. He never ran out of souls to help, he never ran out of souls to heal. Now, as we have Pastors today, they ask,How does this pertain to me? How do I move on. Well, it may not be moving on to a different community for you but it is to move on to a different people. A minister in the Church once said, "I finally realized why the Church had gone dead for a few years. We were fishing in the wrong pond." After this, and over the course of several years we saw hundreds of young people get saved and the population of followers of Christ greatly increased. That was then, and this is now. What we must do is not try to hold on to those who persecute us, and even avoid them that do. We must seek for the Spirit of God to lead us to those who will follow. To draw us to them and them to us so that we may inform them of the goodness and mercy in Jesus Christ. As according to the gospel and the words of Christ, we will not run out of people in this lifetime before Christ comes again to show the love of Christ and to lead to salvation. If they don't want anything to do with you, move on. If they want to persecute you and destroy what God has built up in you, take it to someone who will listen and learn. We must stop allowing ourselves to be persecuted as messengers of Christ by they who do not believe. We must carry this Church forward, and in turn, leave some behind. If they chose to join us, then they will have to catch up. If they chose to believe in what we represent, then God will make a way for them to rejoin us. But we have far too much work to do than to repetitively go back and beg people to follow the correct course. If they want to be a Pentecostal Church, let them be a Pentecostal Church, but not under the name of The Church of God Of The Firstborn. If they want to call themselves The Church Of God Of The Firstborn but not be affiliated with the General Conference, then they don't actually have faith in God in that they don't believe in his order. Mark these people and stay away from them. They do not represent the truth, and they will only persecute your beliefs. Leave them and move on. If they want to be a Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Mormon cult, Jehovah Witness cult, let them, but not under the name of The Church Of God Of The Firstborn as these so-called denominations do not adhere nor are they obedient to the true gospel that has been given in the Holy Bible. If they want to worship the things of the devil and persecute the Church of God, leave them standing in their own filth and move on to someone who will grab hold of this glorious gospel and support it and the Church that represents it. We will never get this gospel out to the masses if we continue to allow the non-believers(no matter what or who they say they are, if they do not continue on with the leadership of the Church, they are non-believers)to persecute and steal our attention away from those who are in need. This is just a work of the devil and in order to defeat the devil we must leave him standing and move on. So, today let us learn our lesson in that we do not have to stand and be persecuted by the non believer. It is time to move on and get the name of Jesus Christ and his benefits to them that are in such great need!! It is time to continue his work! It is time to represent Jesus Christ through obedience to his gospel! It is time to shift it into high gear and leave the opposition in the dust!!! We have that power and have that instruction to do so!! In the name of Jesus Christ let everything be done decently and in order!! Have a great day!!!

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