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Daily Bread 5-18-17

John 8:22

Then said the Jews, Will he kill himself? because he saith, Whither I go, ye cannot come.

Since the beginning of time, worldly people have not been able to understand the things of God. Just as in the days of old, there has been confusion when people who do not have a desire or the faith to follow God hear things that being to Spiritual people. In this scripture the Jews did not understand what Christ was saying, and they sure didn't understand his purpose. He was speaking of returning to the side of his Father and just telling them that it was not their time. that he would be leaving them carnally but that when their time came he would come and get them. But carnal eyes and minds listening to a Spiritual Christ ended up in confusion and, eventually, a reason to crucify our Lord. This is why today we must seek for the gifts of the Spirit. We mustn't get caught up in the "carnal" ways of serving God or we will miss out on the Spiritual message that is sent to transform our souls. Still today, when a Spiritual messenger gives us something, many will misinterpret or misunderstand the true meaning of the message. This is why many foolish rules and damnable heresies(false doctrines) have come about. Christ knew the journey that he was about to take and he also knew that those who would follow him would need comfort. He was trying to explain to them how things were going to happen but they could not ultimately grasp the fact that he was returning to where he came from. What it amounted to is that he was about to do something that they were not capable of doing..........yet. His work was almost done. Instead they were still looking for something to cast him down or to eventually crucify him. They didn't even know that it would come from the work of their own hands and that they would be the ones responsible for his death. But what many people do not understand they try to destroy. We, today, have too many people trying to serve God in the flesh and not enough souls trying to serve him in the Spirit. When we get Spritual and receive understanding, those who have chosen to remain carnal will attack and try to cast down the wonderful things that God has given us. Do not grow weary in well doing, Brothers an Sisters, if Christ got through it and ended up with his Father, so shall we according to his gospel. Just keep drawing closer to God and further from the ways of the world and you will soon see that God has understanding for you that far surpasses anything that these worldly people and "carnal Christians"(there is no such thing by the way) will ever be able to find. In our examples and our perseverance we will see many of those ungodly people transformed into Spiritual, understanding people themselves. Unfortunately we will have to leave many behind as well. And no matter what, if we remain Spiritual over carnal, God will bring us forward and we, too, will end up with him in paradise one day! But as for today? Here we are again Lord, standing in the need of prayer!! Pray one for another, but mostly, pray and seek after Spiritual gifts in which you will receive the understanding needed to leave this world behind!! Have a great day!!!

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