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Daily Bread 4-20-17

Acts 12:16-19

16 But Peter continued knocking: And when they had opened the door, and saw him, they were astonished.

17 But he, beckoning unto them with the hand to hold their peace, declared unto them how the Lord had brought him out of the prison. And he said, Go shew these things unto James, and to the brethren. And he departed and went into another place:

18 Now was soon as it was day, there was no small stir among the soldiers, what was become of Peter.

19 And when Herod had sought for him, and found him not, he examined the keepers, and commanded that they should be put to death. And he went down from Judea to Caesarea, and there abode.

When God's people are bound by the princes of this world, God can deliver them. Just as Peter was released from prison, he still releases people today from the bondage of man. As we all know, Peter was found guilty of whatever charges were brought against him, but once imprisoned, God sent an angel that came in the night and released him. You see, no matter what situation the world has us in, if we stay faithful to God and obedient to his commandment, he will deliver us. Now he doesn't release us so we can go and "wag our tails" in the sight of our enemies and stick their faces in it, he releases us as a testimony of the great and mighty things that he can do. As we become participants of the miracles and begin to overcome the things that the world throws at us, the princes of the world(worldly people in any form), will become angry and try all the more to destroy us and the testimony that God has given us. They will go so far as to even cast off the ones who are on their side, showing that they did not care for them in the first place, and punishing them for not successfully defending what they were not able to defend themselves. You see, when it comes to worldly people, they are cowards, always trying to get someone else to fight their battles as they know that Godly men may be overcome in the flesh, but not in the spirit. They cannot fight battle in which they are not armed. Just as Herod became more and more angry, so will worldly men do the same when God takes over and the outcome is not as they wish. But have faith, Brothers and Sisters, and do not lose hope. Whatever it is that you are going through just keep faith in God and don't give up, help is on the way. Even when you think that they have you down and that you are defeated, the Spirit in you will rise up and release you from whatever has you bound!! They will make stories about it, they will tell lies about it, and they will grab anything they can to discount what God has done, but it is only because something has happened that they cannot explain and could not control. Your testimony is the living proof of God's get power and mercy, and it all comes through Jesus Christ. As you know, if you read the rest of the chapter, Herod went to a people that he did have control over as he controlled what goods went in and out of their land, gave them a big speech, and they began to call him a God. His true colors came out as he accepted their praise and did not give God the glory, and his life came to an end because of it. Peter then continued and so did his testimony, and the word of God grew and multiplied. Stick in there no matter what situation that you are in. God is still the performer of great miracles and he will perform you!!!! Have a great day!!!!

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