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Daily Bread 6-20-16

Luke 4:28-30

28 And all they in the synagogue, when they heard these things, were filled with wrath,

29 And rose up, ad thrust him out of the city, and led him unto the brow of the hill whereon their city was built, that they might cast him down headlong.

30 But he, passing through the midst of them went his way.

ref. - John 8:59 - Then took they up stones to cast at him: but Jesus hid himself, and went out of the temple, going through the midst of them, and so passed by.

What a great example of courage and determination, When the word perseverance is looked up there should be a picture of our Jesus Christ! In order to take a gospel to a people that were not even his own he faced whatever the non-believers could throw at him! He was offered thrones in some places and death in others but he continued on, giving God all the glory and sharing the gospel of peace throughout the land to the who would listen! We, too, can be the disciples of this great man if we could just find that same determination. Truth be told, it is not far from any of us. We can all kneel one by one or thousands at a time and truly believe in the one who did these great things and receive the same diligence and drive that is in Jesus Christ. This man did not waver, he did not change to suit the world. Quite the contrary, he proved what he preached wherever he went and changed for no one. The courage it must have taken to know that he was a wanted man in most cities where the synagogues did not accept his teaching! Today is no different. There are only a few men who will stand up for a pure doctrine, a clean doctrine. One that is in parallel to the one that Jesus Christ has brought us. The words that God puts in these men are scorned by just about every place that calls themselves a "Church" in most cities. But there is a remnant that has not bowed to the pressures of society, they have not caved to the offers of riches and fame. They have not been corrupted by the "educated" and perverse doctrines of men. These men are few and far between but they are still traveling this earth, no matter whether welcomed or not, spreading the truth that is in Jesus Christ. When one synagogue tried to murder him, he did not quit. He just left and went to another town. When one wanted to put him on a throne he did not stop nor did he accept the recognition, he kept on seeking they who were lost. He was protected by God to the point that he was able to go right through the midst of them with their weapons and stones and move on without a scratch on his body. Do we have that faith today people? Do we have the same Spirit and determination that Jesus Christ had? After all, in some way shape or form we are all disciples of his if we have claimed him as our Lord and Savior. This cannot be received by just setting our minds. No, it must be attained through prayer and obedience to what we are taught through the Holy Scriptures. We may not yet possess these qualities yet but at lest we know where to find them. You see, all of these gift and qualities were left to us when Jesus dies on that cross, was resurrected, and drawn up to the heavens. His offer that he was going to leave gifts to men and that there would be a comforter after he left is true. And hey are all available to those who will grow in faith and let God turn them into who he made them to be. Is this you? Of course it is! Otherwise you would have never been born to this earth. Go created you to be a light to others so why not get the light in you that will never burn out nor will it ever dim! A light that cannot be covered or put behind a curtain! That light is Jesus Christ!! He will carry you through the sunshine and the rain, through the mountains and through the valleys, good times and bad, comfort and danger, rich or poor. He will be there for you and you, too will leave this world without a scratch A clean, pure soul, ripe for the harvest!! Jesus Christ is the answer to all of your prayers!! Have a great day!!!

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