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Daily Bread 5-21-16

Proverbs 28:1

The wicked flee when no man pursuit: but the righteous are bold as a lion.

A very short scripture today but a very powerful proverb. There are so many people today misusing the cross of Christ as a comforter for their ongoing sin. When approached by men, led by God and filled with the Holy Spirit, about their sin they find any excuse to flee. When the truth comes and it isn't what they want to hear they find an excuse to run, usually telling all that they were offended so they went to find greener pasture. This is what separates true worshippers and righteous men from imitators and wicked men. If we truly believe that a man went to his death on a cross for us then we will truly believe that his gospel is there to help us and to keep us in God's will. When the word of God comes to us and convicts us we need to look inside of ourselves and even though our flesh would like to flee, we must listen closely and figure out what we need to do to get rid of that feeling. Instead of rising up in false anger and accusing others to try to cover our own iniquity we need to face up to it and do what is necessary to be whole again. You see, righteous men are few and far between but there are some who will stand up boldly for the Gospel and not skirt around the message that God has given them but bring us the truth until it sets us free. So today we know we all have work to do. God loves us enough to always send someone to pull us from the fire. Maybe that someone is you. Look into your own self today and see what it would take to get you to leave the Church. Hurt feelings? Anger? Envy? Greed?Hatred? Realize that not one of these things is fruit of the Spirit. Rather, let us chase after our heavenly calling in the fruit of the Spirit. Like a wise man once told me, The best way of not being accused of wrongdoing is not to do it. If you have nothing to hide, then God can use you to be as bold as a lion and fend off the attacks of the enemy. But we must seek after righteousness and stand firm to what we find, because if it comes from God it will stand, and no man will be able to take it away. Have a great day!!!

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